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CycloneForce™ with Anti-Tangle Turbine: A turbine grille that will not get clogged-up by dirt or hairs easily, maintain consistent suction without any tangles

Remote Handle Control: Built-in control buttons on handle that are within easy reach

Large Capacity Dustbin: Can hold 2 liters of dust and dirt, clean longer without having to empty dustbin frequently

More Consistent* Anti-Tangle Turbine The Anti-Tangle Turbine provides more consistent suction* that won’t get clogged-up by hairs, so it maintains the optimum suction for a long time. *Based on internal testing. Tested at the turbine fan using a mix of hair and pet hair on floor.

Compared with conventional Samsung VC21F50VNAR/EV. No More Hassle Simple Maintenance Enjoy simple maintenance with the Anti-tangle Turbine, which prevents dust, dirt and hair from getting tangled around it.

The Easy Dustbin can also be easily detached and hygienically emptied at the push of a button.

Easy to Check Inside Large Capacity Dustbin Its large capacity dustbin can hold 2 liters of dust and dirt, so you can clean for much longer without having to empty it as frequently. And because it has a large transparent “sunroof” style cover you can easily see how full it is with just a quick glance and without having to bend over.

Easy to Reach Remote Control* The Remote Control Handle features built-in control buttons that are within easy reach, so you can quickly turn the machine on / off and select the optimum suction power without interrupting your cleaning.

Dust Capacity 2 ℓ Max

Consumption Power 1,800 W

Set Dimension (WxHxD) 272 x 234 x 407 mm

Set Weight 4.8 kg






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