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Trio Healthy Slow Juicer ​ TSJ-150 :
* High juice extracting method by masticating & pressing
* Preserve natural nutrients and eliminating oxidation
* Easy cleaning with fully detachable parts
* Able to juice all kinds of fruits (with skin & seeds), leafy vegetables, wheatgrass, nuts & soy
* Separate pulp & juice into two different containers
* Includes: Heavy duty juicing screw
* 150 W
* High quality plastic
* Easy to clean

1) Healthy Juice Made Easy
Juicing has never been easier! The TRIO Slow Juicer TSJ-150 features a high juice extracting method, thoroughly masticating and pressing the fruit and vegetable to maximize juice extraction while effectively separating juice and pulp, giving you as much natural nutrients you can enjoy from your drink.

2) Juice Anything
The TRIO Slow Juicer juices all kinds of fruits and vegetables, even with the skin and leaves. You can enjoy your favourite juice with leafy vegetables, wheatgrass and even nuts and soy. The juicer uses a heavy duty juicing screw to squeeze as much as it can from the ingredients in order to preserve the nutrients that you are supposed to get from consuming them. Two large juice jugs are included with this juicer so you don’t waste time pouring out the juice before you can continue putting in more fruits. Simply insert in the second jug and turn the juicer on while you serve the first batch of juice.

3) Reverse Function
When ingredients get stuck halfway through juicing, simply press the reverse button to release and remove the jammed ingredients and continue juicing, hassle-free!

4) Easy to Clean
With detachable parts, the TRIO Slow Juicer is easy to clean. The juicer comes with a special cleaning brush for convenience.





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